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I been running mosaic courses on a weekly basis since 2005, usually Fridays and on occasional dates throughout the year. Courses are run from a studio in Wimbish, a few miles from Saffron Walden in Essex.

Tea and coffee is as an important a ritual as the mosaic making, along with creativity there is also lots of laughter and chat!! Everyone works at their own pace on their own projects, students can join the class at any stage of the term. Friendly - relaxed and informal, all the projects on this page are achievable first projects. Note my hand made lettering, great for personalising your work and unique to my classes!


Morning courses cost £28 for a morning session (9.45am - 1pm) and for an extra £10 can be extended to 2.45pm (plus 15 minute tidy up) (no need to book for the afternoon session but a minimum of 2 people is required). Dates are advertised on Eventbrite - choose the individual dates you require, materials are extra, approx £25 for A4 and £45 for A3, pay for this at the class, cash or cheque. 

For beginners it is essential to book at least three classes to have a good chance of completing a project, it is best to have an open mind about finishing off your work at home, as it is not always practical to time projects to the exact hours you might attend. The tiles needed to complete your work will be provided. If you continue to work at home the suppliers I use are at the bottom of this page. Work must be grouted at home, I cannot do this at this studio, please don’t worry, this is easy and advice and everything you need   is supplied.

I will teach you cutting and laying your tiles, what to stick them onto and what to stick with. Some dexterity is required, cutting with nippers needs reasonable strength. Being able to draw brilliantly is not a prerequisite but a lively imagination and an enjoyment and appreciation of colour and texture will definitely help. I have some books and samples to help you but please bring along your reference, at this time the internet is not available, so do some research and print out anything you need. Don’t worry about drawing your ideas in much detail. Anything you are working on must be taken home and brought back the following session, as i have no storage for work, sorry.

BASES. MDF is suitable for working indoors and I supply this in a limited range of sizes, A4 and A3, and some square bases in similar sizes. To work outdoors you need something waterproof, like metal, frost proof tiles, a pot (sealed or frostproof), a small paving slab, glass, perspex.... I have some pieces of slate and perspex for outdoors in a limited range of small sizes, but you may need to think about sourcing something yourself. Due to limited storage I no longer have any marine ply, or the various pots, candle holders etc that I used to conjure up for projects - please bring your own - visit homeware stores, car boot sales (also good for china plates to break up), garden centres and so on.

There is a charge of up front of £25 towards your materials, please bring this on your first session. I now only supply the italian glass tiles, as opposed to the chinese glass tiles, which are much inferior even if much cheaper! Taking into account wastage an A4 mosaic, including the board, adhesive, tiles and grout will cost btwn £25 and £30. An A3 mosaic will cost about £38 - £45 - you are of course welcome to purchase your own tiles (see suppliers at end). I keep a small amount of many colours and styles, for larger projects it is quite possible you will need to order some additional tiles. 

The classes are sold through Eventbrite, a booking website and must be booked and paid for in advance, cancellations as according to the terms and conditions published on Eventbrite. An extra 15 minutes is allowed at the end of each session to tidy up, sweep up and help me to return items to storage.

The studio accommodates 8-10 people, entry via a few steps. There is plenty of parking, there are excellent cafes nearby, a pub across the road and Aldi is the nearest supermarket, a few miles away on the edge of Saffron Walden. For directions see Eventbrite or contact page.

I hope you will join our classes, come along and find your creative soul!

Call 07515 684088, speak to ANNE

Courses will be run when viable numbers are reached.

Email to enquire about anything at all, or ask to be added to the mailing list. here

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SUPPLIERS - there are many others.

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Mosaictraderuk (free postage over £50).

The rest of the week the studio hosts printmaking classes, lino, screen, photo litho... these are run by Sue Jones, find out more here.


Dogs, cats, hares, birds, fish and flowers are always popular projects - & these are fine examples by recent students.